King Phillip's Overlook


First time at the firetower, Boston an empire apart,
And hills to the west to melt my alpine heart.
Alive, somewhere inside that green unknown,
One name, my antonym for alone

Smoke in his hair and skin on his lips,
Nick tied his bandana, Zack finished breakfast
too young to drive, my bare heels on the dash,
we got out and climbed to our island of ashes and
There studying clouds sun dyed and stoned,
I felt the opposite of alone.

In Erika’s basement,
We counted away 2006
And midnights I wasted,
Erasing Cambridge kiss by kiss,
Floor breathed like the sea,
Eight new names with meaning to me,
I whispered each one,
And none replied.
So I sat up
Faced o seven’s sunrise

Evening unopened
America’s back to the sun
We walked through the fireflies,
Till we could go no higher,
Like January animals white with the world
Our skin soaked up the night,
Circled in darkness
Immersed in love

Another year stolen
Kid’s leave, for the ocean,
Their landlocked brother,
With salt in his eyes.


from Don't Forget Me, released November 23, 2013
Jamie Fried, drums
Jonny Koh, Bass



all rights reserved


Samuel Worthen Madrid, Spain

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