from by Samuel Worthen





you and I
rediscover winter skin
July on your sweet-tooth grin
let my eyes wander home to yours
say ‘boy, what are you waiting for’

freeze I might
cold dog frightened by your flame
three legs wary of new names
but I am aching to be tame
don’t pull your hand away

your evening eyes
and the pair I once woke up to
the hours of light
since I first saw inside of you

we can crawl
up to my bedroom’s shingled spine
where I am yours and life is mine
watch shadows stretch us ‘cross my lawn
beginners, giants, gone

sweet scary unlocking
my pyrite heart two sizes small
for every feeling that won’t stop howling through
but I keep a chamber clean for you

I want you like sugar
I want you like water
wanna drive you so wild
that I don’t need to know why


from Don't Forget Me, released November 23, 2013
recorded by Chirs Powers, The Ark



all rights reserved


Samuel Worthen Madrid, Spain

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