Don't Forget Me

by Samuel Worthen

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released November 23, 2013

Nick Pope, guitar and voice on "Amara"
Jamie Fried, drums on KPO

"Amara" and "Beginners" recorded by:
Chris Powers

special thanks to:
Mychal Gendron, Jeff Harrison, Jon Ehrenberg, Bill Kaiser, Sylvain Montalbano, Karine Bligny-Bollinger, Pia Brar, Emma Ruddock, Kyle Joseph, Jonny Koh, Matt Aucoin, Nick Pope, Ariana Lee

and my family, especially Mom, Harry, Sherbie, Tom, and Dad

music: Sam Pearce

muse: Dulma Altan



all rights reserved


Samuel Worthen Madrid, Spain

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Track Name: Amara
last time I was a boy
looking for some long hair to hide in
today I think I caught you staring

your name - too perfect to replace
too dangerous to sing

we're safe till the film ends
then snap back and split hands

cause she's still tattooed on my eyelids I
knew I would hate it someday
brown light bouncing off your eyes so warm
hold me rare animal

what's the use?
if and only if

this time I am a clumsy-tongued man
and you are a woman, and I'm through with kissing girls
my heart's been blank for so long
let's draw all over it, fingerpaint
shorelines and bedrooms

I am a drawer full of broken English and bones
whatever catches your eye
it's yours if you want it
Track Name: Beginners
you and I
rediscover winter skin
July on your sweet-tooth grin
let my eyes wander home to yours
say ‘boy, what are you waiting for’

freeze I might
cold dog frightened by your flame
three legs wary of new names
but I am aching to be tame
don’t pull your hand away

your evening eyes
and the pair I once woke up to
the hours of light
since I first saw inside of you

we can crawl
up to my bedroom’s shingled spine
where I am yours and life is mine
watch shadows stretch us ‘cross my lawn
beginners, giants, gone

sweet scary unlocking
my pyrite heart two sizes small
for every feeling that won’t stop howling through
but I keep a chamber clean for you

I want you like sugar
I want you like water
wanna drive you so wild
that I don’t need to know why
Track Name: KPO
First time at the firetower, Boston an empire apart,
And hills to the west to melt my alpine heart.
Alive, somewhere inside that green unknown,
One name, my antonym for alone

Smoke in his hair and skin on his lips,
Nick tied his bandana, Zack finished breakfast
too young to drive, my bare heels on the dash,
we got out and climbed to our island of ashes and
There studying clouds sun dyed and stoned,
I felt the opposite of alone.

In Erika’s basement,
We counted away 2006
And midnights I wasted,
Erasing Cambridge kiss by kiss,
Floor breathed like the sea,
Eight new names with meaning to me,
I whispered each one,
And none replied.
So I sat up
Faced o seven’s sunrise

Evening unopened
America’s back to the sun
We walked through the fireflies,
Till we could go no higher,
Like January animals white with the world
Our skin soaked up the night,
Circled in darkness
Immersed in love

Another year stolen
Kid’s leave, for the ocean,
Their landlocked brother,
With salt in his eyes.
Track Name: Eurydice
do you remember
your last day of light, dear
my tears
held fast

till, with your ticket
beneath your tongue,
you spoke
broke my brave boy mask

for all that happened
the other riverside
I’ll listen
won’t ask

if you’re behind me now
help me feel your fire
my lyre for
your laugh

and if I’ve lost you
a look won’t change your mind, no
I won’t
look back
Track Name: 4 Juillet
encore tôt pour les grillons
j’écoute les chênes qui se chuchotent,
ton souffle à l’oreille,
pendant que le maïs éclate
dans le ciel chaud de juillet

ces gouttes de feu, blanches et bleues
qui tombent mais ne touchent jamais la terre
luisent, couleurs toutes inversées, sur mes paupières.
et dans la forêt, près d’ici, les lucioles veillent la nuit,
profitent de leur saison de lumière.

tu dors
je suis éveillé
ensembles, nous sommes d’or
dans la lueur de la petite lune
dix mètres à l’ouest de ta fenêtre.
mais comme cette langue, ce lit n’est pas
encore le mien dans lequel je rêve.
en partant, j’écris deux mots
à lire quand tu te lèves.

July 4

still early for the crickets
I listen to the oaks whisper to each other
your breath in my ear
while God makes popcorn
in July’s hot sky

those drops of fire, white and blue,
that fall but never touch the earth
glow, colors inverted, on my eyelids
and in the woods nearby the fireflies stay up all night
make the most of their season of light

you sleep
I’m awake
together we are golden
in the glow of the little moon
ten meters to the west of your window .
but like this language, this bed
is not yet mine to dream in.
as I leave, I write two words
to read when you wake up
Track Name: Cайхан Hойрсоорой
I’ll be your eyes
if you’ll be my body
Sunday rise
inhale how lucky I am

I’ll be your lion
if you’ll be my lioness
sleep the light
let me catch breakfast
this time
Track Name: One More Rose
one more rose
for the window you kept open
in case I came home too late, and you were sleeping
feed Xapaa like he’s my own, my one way left to love you*
when all I wanted was to be
your animal

one more rose
for the weekdays we made golden
discovered flavors, made love, trees below
until that night, ever so, you unwrapped me from your body
when all I wanted was to feel
you laugh again

one more rose
for my poems trapped in your mailbox,
your lost scroll, the truth stuck in our throats
a shoebox for the rest. one day my daughter finds it
my fool’s hope: she knows
your alphabet
Track Name: 1.27.13
you are afraid of the dark
I’m scared of heights
both terrified by the feeling
home in two arms
sleep safe and deep
while I make a wish on your ceiling

I’m not Paris
you’re not Helen
you’re the realest woman I know
and the angel you are to me is just as real
as your least lovable angle

show me both
have my right hand
broke my father’s nose
deserved it
you deserve me
loved me in two
longlost trusting boy
new man

no not Paris
not fearless
just the bravest boy you know
sleepless city I fit in your suitcase
you can take me home

kiss me
I dare you
you’ve a lifetime to change your mind
you fell out of love with my echo
hear the real thing
sings for only you
Track Name: Stand Up (Class of '15)
Who remembers that booklog question?
“Choose one important person.
Write no more and no less than one hundred words.
Express to him or her what she or he means to you.”
Now this is a taste of my own homework medicine:
I’d like to wrap your light in a capsule, like Edison,
small and see-through so you can see it too,
then plant that bulb in a box, come back, see what grew.

But words will never tell all the things you taught me,
the things I still wish to teach you.
Since we can't say see you Monday,
let me send you on your ways with a few.

Stand up, eighth grade!
Stand what?
Ninth grade, I mean.
That’s right
Now sit like stars.
Silent and bright,
But I wonder, what do stars sound like?

These articles say that even if we could get near them,
too few particles in space for sound, we’d never hear them.
However, there’s something called asteroseismology:
converting variations in a star’s light waves into sound waves
diverse as my window—bachata, hip hop, winded secrets from tree tops, free speeches, three ice cream trucks, verses divergent like Beatrice—but now
that we’re back on Mother Earth what I mean is…

Sometimes I keep my lips closed, for the better.
You need every little letter of “silent” for “listen.”
Or, by mistake, I interrupt, and regret it,
‘cause I never know what I would’ve learned, what I’m missing.

Sound travels, eardrums to hearts.
Speak up for who and what makes yours pound like [boom].
Stars, you can seem silent from afar,
but make sure people know what you sound like.

Read! Your work inspired me to read nightly again,
so I dared you “Outread Mr. Pearce” to prepare you for thicker
books next year, then every Monday owed four, five Snickers.

Write, pen or phone. Write letters to whomever makes you feel that uninvented antonym of “alone.” Like home? Every day get down one good moment,
one marble-sized sun in the jar for the cold months.

Dream. And keep your dreams,
and free your dreams to grow with reality.
I lost guitar, felt a heart string snap in two,
but being your teacher is the best thing that’s happened to me.

Go. You have a home here.
Go greet the world proud and clear,
like a woman, like a man,
with plans to go far,
language to fight,
‘cause you know you are.
Now do it right.